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CPRP Group is very professional & trustworthy Ms.Anisha Ms.Geetika was very helping with my Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP)application and today I have successfully received my PGWPP recently.

Thank you CPRP Team


Suchita Verma

I have had the pleasure of being represented by CPRP(Canada Permanent Residency program), for over a year for an extremely complicated immigration issue and the outcome was beyond fantastic. I can’t recommend a better than CPRP. Canada tourist visa was unfairly denied three times, The Tourist visa is not a right but a privilege and thus I had very little hope in ever obtaining one. I have visited so many immigration companies and agents in Chandigarh & Delhi but everyone seems greedy and refused to take my case after seeing three refusals before I consulted with CPRP and spoke to Mr.Samar himself who listened carefully for hours and told me that he agrees how unfair this was and took my case promising to do all he can to help me. I have dealt with so many immigration companies and never have I experienced more intelligent, professional, punctual and more friendly lawyers than the team at CPRP. All the Team members are the best at what they do, they always reply to emails instantly, make the time if you need them suddenly, and just overall perfect I do not have one negative experience with them. My case went over a year and a half in total and they never forgot a minor detail, it’s like they took it to heart and made it their own. After a long battle, with visa submissions and federal court, and preparations for interviews, I got my Canadian tourist visa and for eight years! I know this would have never happened if it wasn’t for this amazing immigration company and I thank god for them every day.


Sukhdeep Jhajj