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This Week’s Success Story: Finally A Indian Family Reunited After Twelve Years. An Achievement worth sharing.

As a Temporary Foreign National Worker “Shobha Patel” spent 11 years alone in Vancouver B.C. Canada, Working every day hard to support her family back in India. She was extremely happy when she qualified for Permanent Residence – She suffered a lot because of mistake paperwork, as per records from her home country showed that her husband was married to another woman. Polygamy is a big crime in Canada, so her husband was found criminally inadmissible. Sadly, Shobha Patel and her children were also found inadmissible too as his family members.

Shobha Patel tried everything to convince the Canadian government that her husband was not a bigamist. Somehow, she managed to convince authorities to let her stay in Vancouver, the Canada Government still considered her husband inadmissible after 10 years.

We firmly believed that Shobha Patel’s situation was unfair. With our help, Shobha Patel and her husband proved that the only sensible interpretation of the law is that they had only ever been married to each other – in any country – and to no one else! Thanks to CPRP Team efforts, Shobha Patel’s husband was finally vindicated and landed in Canada this December. We wish them every joy as they enjoy their first Canadian New Year 2020 together!