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January 14,2020

I am a full-time Psychology Professor in the US. Do I have a reasonable chance to successfully immigrate to Canada?

Posted by Admin - CPRP

Question: I am a Chemistry Professor. Working in the USA my age is 53 years. I am extremely interested in immigrating to Canada. I intend to retire within the next 3 years with a good pension. I wish to be semi-retired and not work full-time. I have no debts and no criminal record. I have a Masters and PhD in the USA and I do not speak French. I have a few books published. Do you think I have a reasonable chance to successfully immigrate to Canada?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Your achievements in terms of education and experience are really appreciable. But most of Canada’s immigration focus is on attracting and settling applicants who will become economically established in Canada in order to be beneficial for Canada's economy, except family class processing and protection of genuine refugee claimants, Canada is very particular about its policy. Let’s put it another way, those applicants who will make an economic contribution to the tax base are those the program is designed to process. This is evidenced in many ways but perhaps best by the desirable age range of 20-29 years of age wherein an applicant scores 100 out of 100 points if within that age group (under the new Express Entry eligibility grid). If older an applicant has penalized five points for each year outside the range. So although you are entitled to apply, be aware that unlike some jurisdictions like Australia, for example, there is no retirement visa category. Good luck!