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Can A U.S. Green Gard holder (Permanent Residence of America) have the right to live and work in Canada?

Question: Can A U.S. Green Gard holder (Permanent Residence of America) have the right to live and work in Canada?

Answer: This is a very common question; I have been asked this same question more than a hundred of times in last few years question asked. Although this is a very interesting question for me, as some perceive the USA and Canada because of its geographic proximity and strong ties that the two countries share the same immigration system.

Both countries administer & implement their own immigration laws, policies and rule regulations. Canadian immigration laws apply to persons equally, everywhere in the world. So in your case, by becoming a United States Citizen you might get benefits by applying under certain Canadian immigration categories, you do not have the right to automatically live and work in Canada. As for your child, if born in Canada, is a Canadian citizen.

What can I do about the lengthy processing times?

Question: I have been waiting for three years for the processing of my immigration application. I have provided everything they have asked for and sometimes even twice because the first one expired. I am really worried as I have not heard anything from Immigration for over two years. I tried to contact CIC but all I could get is that my application is still in process. How can I speak to someone? It is really frustrating.

Answer: As a result of the lengthy processing times in all types of citizenship, refugee and immigration applications most people find themselves in the same situation. The first step is to access the file and determine what if any reason there is for a delay. It is also important to ensure that the applicant has not been the cause or part cause of the delay. Is there is a remedy if the delay is unreasonable?

The answer is yes.

If the delay is unreasonable the applicant can request the application be processed within a certain time period failing which legal action will be taken. The legal action is an application for mandamus (to compel a government official to make a decision) at the Federal Court of Canada. Delay without reasonable cause and a valid explanation will not be acceptable to the Courts and they will order the file be processed within a set time. The remedy is a good one and often just filing a mandamus application will create movement on the file. So yes in some cases the squeaky wheel does get the oil. So explore your options and make sure your file does not sit there if it does not have to – good luck!

How long can I wait before getting a work permit?

Question: I have been told by a lawyer that I could get a work permit for my type of job as It is in high demand. But unfortunately, I do not have any papers and don’t have enough money to afford the process right now. Currently, I am working and doing fine but the question is how long I have to wait?

Answer: Dear Seeker, if you are without status in Canada then your situation is just like the people who for reasons of accessibility – cost, time – do not get the medical care they need and situations that are slight become very serious, if not fatal. The same holds true in your case, but there are chances that you would qualify for a work permit and make a welcome addition to Canada. Please keep in mind that If you wait for long then there are high chances that you will become inadmissible to Canada and subject to enforcement (removal) by the Canada Border Services Agency. But still If being in Canada is really important to you then I will suggest you to take the time to do things right. Many reputable attorneys have payment plans and they will work with you to make it sure that your case receives the immediate consideration it deserves. Do not let your immigration story to be an example of a bad immigration story, where people wonder how someone who can make an important role is being deported. Being an immigration attorney, we have seen many good people in major trouble who came in to see us, when the case was a critical situation. Simply hire a recognized attorney, who shares all your case details with you while keeping the utmost transparency with you. Good luck!

Can we apply for immigration on our own?

Question: I am applying to immigrate to Canada permanently. I am schooled in part in Canada and currently on a work permit. I want to make Canada my home. I have read the forms and the website and it does not seem that complicated. Am I missing something?

Answer: I am always astonished when clients have confidence in submitting an immigration, citizenship or refugee application is just about the forms. The forms themselves can be extremely complicated and based upon asking the same questions to locate inconsistencies in your answers. In fact, I have gone to court on many occasions where we spend hours arguing over what was meant when a form was filled out. To be clear, it’s not only what you include in the immigration forms but the key is ensuring you have the right forms in the first place!! Confirming what you have on paper is what you intended, that you have the right supporting documentation, effective legal and factual argument and in short that you present your best and most persuasive case. You wait years for this chance at a new life in Canada and those that leave it to chance, worry more about cost than possibilities and believe they know the system by reading a few passages on the website more often than not receive a horrible result either in delays or in refusals. While it is not impossible to apply on your own because of how intricate the immigration system has become I cannot recommend going it alone. In the end, it is about your life, not forms! Be sensible and if you are serious about making Canada your home – show Canada you are serious about the immigration process. Good luck!

Was I taken advantage of through my Permanent Residence application?

Question: My Name is Harish Patel, one of my friend lives in Vancouver and he told me about you. I wanna ask you something very important and I hope you will write me back as soon as possible. well, A Person named (Harinder Suri) helping me with my case in Canada. He told me that my immigration papers are ready to be finalized, now it has only been more than four months. I am very happy to get my PR. However, I have deposited CAD 43K in his account to complete the process. I was told by him that I will get my money back once I reach Canada. Do you know how long I have to wait to get my money back?

Answer: Really Sorry Harish! Unfortunately, I believe you may be taken advantage of by this person so-called Suri, I do not know of any such program that works in this way, your facts are totally wrong. I worry you may not get your papers as well as your money.

  • Is Harinder Suri a lawyer or certified immigration consultant?
  • Did you sign a services agreement?
  • Have you seen any documents related to Canada Immigration?

You should think twice before you entrust your immigration case to just anyone like Mr.Suri. One of the batches I have is immigration counsel for CPRP Immigration Services – CPRP is one of the best Immigration  Services in Canada. I heard such same stories every week and I m still surprised by how many people fall for the old fake marketing lines – the person who will make my immigration dreams come – easy and cheap! Applicants beware – easy and cheap is not the way to go! What you describe sounds very suspicious.

Do I need an Attorney or Representative for Immigration Process?

Question: Question. I had a consultation with your firm for my previous immigration process, I receive your emails weekly basis and you answered many of the questions that I had in mind. I am always thankful to you. but Something bothers me though, when I visit on the CIC website, there is a note saying that you do not need a representative or lawyer to file your application. CIC helps on phone to get answers to your questions as well, even if you need any clarifications with your application.

I am really very confused now. Why would somebody need a representative, be it an attorney or a certified consultant?

Answer: Thanks, I really appreciate this as I am always concerned about how my replies will be viewed. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has expended a lot of time and money on developing its website and Call Centres. But I can make you sure this without any hesitation that such resources should be seen as a starting point. I have attended so many CIC meetings. I recently attended a CIC committee meeting and we were given statistics on various issues including the length of training time (3-4 weeks) for call centers. In my professional view, these 3-4 weeks are really not sufficient to learn the intricacies of immigration. To be able to fully advise, it takes so many years of training and experience to see the bigger picture and really guide your client through the processing.

Recently, we had lot of clients who have called the CIC call center and were given some instructions on how to proceed regarding a work permit. When we checked the details of the case, it proved that the advice was not correct, as some facts were not taken into consideration. If she proceeded without checking with me the results would have been disastrous. There is an old saying that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Without a doubt, most of the immigration process is in and of itself complicated but when you factor in a person’s particular facts the most simple of cases can become a long and complicated journey.Immigration firms always keeps thousands of people in private practice employed. They perform a vital service. So , I do not recommend going it alone.