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What happens at IAD Appeal hearing?

Question: What happens at IAD Appeal hearing?

Answer: You need to give your version of events

Testify by giving your version and explaining the facts of the case but before you do this, the immigration appeal division member will ask you to affirm that you will not lie about anything. You can also swear an oath if you so wish to do so, here I want to add on one thing, this is not a legal requirement but if you want to do this, you must bring your own holy book along with you. Other than disclose your interpretation of the truth, you can also request the immigration appeal division member to ask questions that he feels are important in making a determination.

If you have hired a lawyer, which is actually highly recommended, your lawyer will ask relevant questions to the appeal. CPRP Office provides all the services related to immigration appeals. Our Team has handled so many appeals. We are best in preparing for the appeal, including collecting and filing the necessary documents, rehearsing for the hearing, and handling other logistics.

Important note: You are allowed to provide documentary evidence at least twenty days before the hearing, as is the Minister’s counsel. Both parties are also allowed to reply to the documentary evidence at least ten days before the appeal hearing. At the time of the hearing , you do not have to go through because the immigration appeal division member will already have it, but you can refer it in your submissions.

Minister’s counsel will cross-examine you

Once you submit the evidence, the Minister’s counsel will have an opportunity to ask you questions on what you have submitted. Minister’s counsel can poke holes in the oral pieces of evidence you have submitted.

Witnesses Testimony

Immigration Appeal Division rules allow you to bring your witnesses. Your witnesses can be your family, business partners, friends, or anyone else who can help your case. Such witnesses testify in person or by phone if he or she is outside Canada.

Minister’s counsel can also get witnesses in. Both parties can question the witnesses on trial. If you do not have lawyer, you can ask a question the witness or ask the Immigration Appeal Division Member to ask questions if he or she can help in arriving at the final decision.

Interpreters can Translate

Canada's official languages are English and French. If you or your witnesses are not comfortable in English or French languages, You will be provided an interpreter at IADs cost. If you need a translator or interpreter you have to make a request before the trail.

IAD and Applicant will make Arguments

According to IAD regulations, IAD Member has to make a decision within ninety days after the appeal hearing. Sometimes the decision may come immediately after the appeal, depending on the complexity of the case. If the decision won’t come immediately, the decision will be sent to you by mail.

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