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Citizenship Resumption

Being a former citizen of Canada, would you like to resume your citizenship status? If yes contact CPRP team today.

Those who were previously citizen of Canada and by any reason the citizenship has been revoked then you may resume your citizenship status under certain circumstances. It is to consider that resumption of citizenship is not backdated or reflective, but begins when followed by the administration of the oath of citizenship.

Eligibility for resumption of citizenship

Following persons may be eligible to resume citizenship status:

  • Person who submits an application for resumption of citizenship;
  • Person who is not under a removal order; and
  • Person who has become a permanent resident within the meaning of subsection 2(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act,
  • Person who is been physically present in Canada for at least 365 days during the two years immediately before the date of the application, and
  • Person who met any applicable requirement under the Income Tax Act to file a return of income in respect of the taxation year immediately before the year in which the application is made.

As such, the above-mentioned points narrate that individual whose citizenship status was earlier revoked may not resume their status but must as an alternative apply for a new grant of citizenship under section 5 of the Citizenship Act. Moreover, women who prior to 1947 lost their British subject position either because of their marriage to a foreign national or because of their spouse obtaining a foreign nationality throughout their marriage may not resume citizenship, but may obtain citizenship status under subsection 11(2) of the Citizenship Act. In conclusion, individuals whom status was previously resumed as a result of 2009 amendments to the Citizenship Act need not to apply for resumption but may apply for a proof of citizenship.

Please note that requests from individuals who are serving or have served in the Canadian Armed Forces and who wish to resume citizenship must be administered on an urgency basis. These individuals have to meet all the appropriate requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act relating to their permanent resident status.

Please note that some requirements for eligibility vary depending on whether the application was submitted before, on or after 11 June 2015. Please contact our office for further information and clarification.

Application and Process

Individuals who are hoping to resume citizenship status have to submit an Application to resume Canadian citizenship under subsection 11(1). Supporting documents that have to be submitted with the application are mentioned below:

  • Birth Certificate or any other valid evidence to demonstrate date and place of birth, plus two other identity documents;
  • Evidence of previous citizenship and cessation of status, including a renunciation certificate or naturalization certificate from a foreign country;
  • Canadian arrival records, including those demonstrating when the applicant was legally admitted to Canada for permanent residence after the termination of citizenship status;
  • Evidence that the applicant meets residency requirements; and
  • Processing fee

Should you require assistance in applying for a resumption of citizenship, or in responding to a request for further documentation or procedural fairness procedures, please contact the team of CPRP through call or email.