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January 30,2020

What is the difference between Canada Visitor Visa & Tourist Visa?

Posted by Admin - CPRP

Are you planning to file the Canada Visa and you have some confusion about visa categories?

Well, I can explain to you the difference by explaining both the visa categories and establishing points of difference that can solve your confusion.

Getting Started with a Temporary Resident Visa is an official visa document issued by a Canadian visa office that is placed on an applicant's passport to show that he/she has met the criteria required to enrol as a temporary resident. In addition, the Visitor Visa issue under a temporary resident visa which is issued to a person who wishes to visit Canada for a purpose such as visiting his family relatives and friends.

On the other hand, a tourist visa is a visa that falls under the Temporary Visa category, where the visitor is issued a visa where he/she travels to Canada for a tourist purpose. Well, to clarify your doubts, here are three points on the difference between a Canada Visitor Visa and a Tourist Visa.


When it comes to Canada Visitor Visas and Tourism Visas, the most important differences are that both offer visas. However, a visitor's visa offers many entrants with validity based on the validity of your passport, which travels with a six month travel period a month when you go for a purpose such as a family visit, etc. However, in the case of a tourist visa, the nature of the entry is the only entry where the applicant is allowed a visa for the time he/she is traveling to Canada. The purpose of the visit is to determine the nature of the admission.


The second point of difference between the two visas requires a guarantor. In the case of a Canada Visitor Visa, a requirement to obtain a visitor's visa is an invitation letter. For example, if your relative is living in Canada and you want to visit him on a Visa Visa, you must have a Canadian host's invitation. While Guarantor is not required in the case of Tourist Visa as the type of travel is like a tourist, the candidate has to take care of his expenses but he/she must have itinerary and other details.


The final point of difference between the two visa categories is the time period that both visa categories offer to candidates. Your stay is based on the Visa Officer, where you are on a Canada Visitor Visa, you are allowed to enter Canada for a maximum of six months on a single admission to Canada. In the case of a tourist visa, admission is for a period of time for which the tourist is in Canada but in some cases may be extended.

Now, to apply for any two visas, there are some requirements that you must meet that make you eligible for a temporary resident visa. Therefore, CPRP specialists assist you in understanding the visa requirements and in facilitating your application process. Experts understand the requirements, fill out your application form and provide you with a list of documents to assist with your application process which will help you to strengthen your case.

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