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Consultation & Legal Fees

Our Philosophy

Our Company has a simple philosophy when we started our processing each immigration, citizenship, or refugee (immigration) case as if it was your own life. Our results express that passion and commitment. We see hundreds of clients every year and pride ourselves on the in-depth nature of our immigration consultations. We hire a team approach to immigration case evaluations to ensure that we collect as much information to provide our clients with effective, affordable and best immigration solutions.

How much does the process cost?

At CPRP, we take great care to honour the legal principle of access to justice. Our fees show the best quality of work and we do our best to make our price suitable for our clients.

Our fees based upon the complexity of your immigration case and the number of immigration applications required to be made on your behalf. Once your case details are carefully assessed during the evaluation, the specific cost will be available.

  • Block fees
  • Easy payment plans
  • We give discounts on the consultation fee from your legal fees, should you retain our services.
Should I Hire an Immigration Consultant/Lawyer to assist with my immigration processing?

This Decision is your personal.

But CPRP has a saying here: “start living and stop worrying”. you have to place trust in who you ask to represent you in this very important step in your life, this really means a lot to us.

You Should Stop Worrying

We have helped thousands over the years, and our team members are very good at what we do – CPRP teams are proud of their success rate.

Go Start Living

Leave the stress on us. Our Team will be with you each step of the way. That is the kind of relationship we want to establish between you and our team. You will be ensured that we have all the solutions to meet the demands of your immigration case.

What are my chances of success?

This is very difficult to say on until your immigration case is evaluated by our professionals. Our core team deals only with immigration cases and has done so for decades. You can be assured we have handled an immigration case similar to yours with only the best results.

We must confirm the particulars of your immigration case before we can give you the specific details. You want a full assessment and not a quick reply, as this is a big step in your life. All information shared remains highly confidential.

Have you won similar immigration cases of mine?

We encourage you to explore our website ,face book and other social media platforms for recent work we have done for our clients . View profiles of our team and our company and the satisfied clients. We try to do our best and best is often the result.

Does CPRP offer free immigration consultations?

We see many people every day who are delighted with our consultations. They thank us for finally helping them identify their immigration problems, as many have seen other representatives before.

if some one required the detailed immigration case assessments , we do charge for our time. However if a client retains us to help with their immigration matter, the consultation fee will be applied to legal fees.

For those who have a small income and need to talk with an Immigration lawyer, our team is always ready to help people requiring representation as much as possible. Please call our office and explain your case details , and we will do our best to help you.

CPRP team do this to ensure everybody has access to justice!

Payment Method

We accept all forms of payment including:

  • Cash
  • Direct Bank Deposit